Summer vacation event

You will get a tattoo sticker for purchases over 10 dollars!

2022 . 07 . 21 ~ 2022 . 08 . 31

*If it's out of stock, event can be finished earlier.
*One sticker will be sent randomly.

1.Choose the picture you want and cut it around.
2.Wipe the skin with an alcohol swab and dry it completely.
3.Carefully separate the film from the white sheet.
4.Place the inner side of the picture on the skin and press for more than 15 seconds with your palm.
5.Slowly remove the film from the skin.

Stickers are maintained for 7 to 10 days after attachment.
But the period varies depending on the attached skin and may come off quickly if there is frequent friction.

Using a cleanser, gently rub it off with your hands.
Soaking your skin in warm water makes it easier to remove stickers.

*Do not use it for children under 7 years of age or people with skin problems.